Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to recover deleted photos from BlackBerry

What can I do with my Blackberry phones?Last time ,my old grandma take my phone and after she played many photos and videos and some other files are gone ,and I even don't know how they are deleted .So I'm disappointed.But one of my friends sent me a solution ,now I can share with you as follows.

Nearly all BlackBerry phones come with a built in camera. Although these phones don't necessarily take professional caliber pictures, you can take quick BlackBerry pictures of your kids, your friends or the interesting things you see on your daily travels. If you delete pictures from your BlackBerry device, there is no layman's way to retrieve them from the handset. Instead, you have to use your backup files to restore photos from BlackBerry device.

The lost pictures can be retrieved provided that they were stored on the external memory(memory card or stick) of your BlackBerry BOLD. If you saved them on the internal memory, then there is no hope.So if you are lucky. You can take a photo recovery software to see if they can be recovered.

Hpdo Photo Recovery is such a such photo recovery program which can recover lost pictures, videos can music with both Windows and Mac versions.Step-to-Step Instruction:
1. Download and install the trial version on your computer, then connect your BlackBerry memory card to the computer (Iassume you are using Windows). Start Hodo Photo Recovery and select the drive letter that assigned to the memory card.
2. Then choose the file type (all, photo, video, music) click "Star Scan".
3. Now the scanning process will start automatically to look for the deleted items. You will thenget a list of all recoverable ones.
4. Preview the found photos. If your deleted ones are found, then you need pay to get the activation code. And click "Recover".


1. Take the free trial version before you buy.
2. Before your deleted pictures are recovered, do not take more photos or videos  with the Same memory card of your BlackBerry.
3.To avoid having to restore your phone to retrieve deleted BlackBerry pictures, get in the habit of transferring your BlackBerry pictures from your handset to your computer every few days. Then you will only have to retrieve any missing BlackBerry pictures from your pictures folder on your computer

If you have an HTC ,to recover deleted photos from HTC is an more easy thing.

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